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Plumber for plumbing repair is described as the need to fix or mend your pipes after damage.  The only way that you know that you need a plumber for plumbing repair is that a sympton of a less functional on non-working system (plumbing leak). Our plumber(s) repair your system of pipes, tanks, fittings, and other apparatus required for the water supply, heating, and sanitation in a building.  Plumbers also do the work of installing and maintaining plumbing systems.  Lastly, plumbers can informally use as a humorous euphemism for the excretory tracts and urinary system. Toilets backup causing plumbing emergencies with the need to unclog, garbage disposals leak, faucets and sinks also leak just like dishwashers. Our dispatched plumber also repairs sewer and waterlines that have their own flavor of plumbing repair help. Drains need cleaning. Slabs leak (pipes underneath). Let's hope the emergency in your home or business is not due to black water line. Nasty and contaminated toilet water spills are what we repair and clean up. Any of these plumbing problems can leave you with a flooded home or business. Take note, that plumbers or a plumbing repair company is usually not certified to help with cleanup, removal, extraction, or remediation. Plumbers repair your pipe emergency and sewage cleanup and removal companies clean up the mess. We do both. Quick response 24 hours a day, Metro Atlanta Georgia.

Emergency Plumber & Plumbing Problems

Plumbers working in all kinds of plumber related situations for the benefit of their customer is our experience for more than 12 years. Plumber experience is worth more than the certifcation received. In order for a plumber to receive certification, there must be a documented three years of plumber experience to qualify (to test) for a Plumber Journeyman. Quite a bit more for Master Plumber. Our Master Plumber has more than 17 years of field experience including commercial (office parks, hi-rises) settings.


A plumber knows where to locate, and fix the source of your plumbing problem. Here is a full list of rooms where a plumber is needed: kitchen, powder room, laundry room, utility room, vanity, half bathroom, bedroom, master bedroom, bar area, crawlspace, and entertainment room.  However, each room has different places where plumbing problems actually show up.


A few other plumber situations not related to an actual room.  Here are the top 3 list of our plumber and plumbing situations: 1) home owners' associations seem to be most difficult, 2) landlord/tenant disputes, 3) new home owner who may have been snaked into believing all's well with their plumbing but only to find out that the dishwasher does't drain, toilets are slow to flush and the water pressure to the shower is too low to start singing.

Home Warranties, Service Plans

Home Warranties, Service plans. Home warranty companies have been providing repair and replacement services for home appliances and systems to consumers since the 1970s. While homebuilders are required to provide a warranty for newly built homes in many states, owners of existing homes can purchase a home warranty to cover items such as heating and air conditioning systems, plumbing and electrical systems and appliances in their homes. Many home sellers and real estate agents buy a home warranty as a buyers' incentive. Warranties can provide peace of mind for homeowners, but they must understand the limits of their coverage so they’re not surprised by service fees and other out-of-pocket costs. Read full article.

Plumber TIPS

Plumbing repair tips before you contract for plumbing repairs.  There are certain things you should know.  First of all, Georgia now has, under the auspices of the Secretary of State, a State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors (see O.C.G.A. Sections 43-41-1 through 43-41-17). See Georgia's Department of Law Consumer Protection Division. More plumbing repair tips and information to come.


How to Unclog a drain without using harsh chemicals. Best question to ask the plumber. Tank or not to Tank... That's the question. See below.

Top 10 of the Best Matched Home Warranties, Service Plans

Here is the full list of Top 10 of the Best Matched Home Warranties, Service Plans: America's 1st Choice Home Club, American Home Shield, Choice Home Warranty, First American, Total Protect, The Home Service Club, Select Home Warranty, HMS National, Landmark, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty.

Home warranties sound like a great idea when appliances go bad. They seem to limit the cost of repair. It's just like insurance... Right? Our experience with home warranty companies comes down to two things.  Firstly, read your home warranty contract about your appliance maintenance responsibilities.  Next, read the online reviews.  These home warranty reviews offer a glimpse into the future by peering into the home warranty company's past.


However, if the home warranty company approves your claim, they will only be responsible for that plumbing repair or appliance repair. Any subsequent water damage due to a ruptured or busted pipe is your responsibility to claim through your home owners insurance policy.


Did you know that on 9-24-2014, Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens  ordered a Nevada-based company to stop selling unauthorized home warranty policies in Georgia.  Read full order...

How to Find A Good Plumber (plummer) in Georgia (GA)

According to This Old House.com, hiring a qualified plumber comes with a warning about service verses price and how to avoid getting soaked by hiring an experienced, licensed pro. The leak from a pipe fitting that costs less than a dollar can easily cause thousands of dollars in water damage, disrupt your household for weeks, and throw your remodel way off schedule. So hiring a licensed, insured master plumber (or a well-trained apprentice working under his license) is a no-brainer. But not all plumbers handle all types of work. Their duties break out into two categories: Plumbers who handle basic repairs (often in emergency situations), and plumbers who specialize in remodeling projects and additions. Read full article... How to find a master plumber and check the current standing of their State of Georgia license can be found at the state plumbing board. Be sure to search for a "plumber near me".


Good plumbers will not shy away from the simple fixes. At times, all you need is a $2 part. Educate yourself on these toilet parts. Toilet repair is the most common plumbing call. Here is the complete toilet parts list: handle, handle arm, fill valve, float adjustment screw, fill tube, chain, tank bolt, float, float arm, overflow tube, flush valve. There's a plumber for that!

Plumber for Unclogging Toilets & Toilets Overflow Help

Unclogging toilets or how to unclog my toilet are common search terms just before a follow up search includes a plumbing repair company near me. Toilets (commodes) overflowing is the most common cause of residential sewage damage. Toilets overflowing is usually a result of a septic backup, a blocked drain, or the most recent flush is still flushing.  Avoid septic system failure by performing regular maintenance and avoid drain blockage by not flushing items such as sanitary wipes, cat litter, condoms and other things that are not intended to be flushed. Did you know that clear water from inside the toilet bowl can be just as contaminated as dirty water?  Give us a call when a plunger just won't do.

Plumber for Bathroom Plumbing Repair Service

Bathroom Plumbing Repair is the most common cause of residential sewage damage. Toilets overflowing is usually a result of a septic backup, a blocked drain, or the most recent flush is still flushing.  Avoid septic system failure by performing regular maintenance and avoid drain blockage by not flushing items such as sanitary wipes, cat litter, condoms and other things that are not intended to be flushed. You will not have overflowing toilets!  If you believe your toilet (commode) is about to overflow (rising sewage water in the toilet bowl), you can prevent devastating sewage damage or limit sewage contamination. According to Wikipedia,  a drain (plumbing) is a fixture that provides an exit-point for waste water.  Over the years, we have seen drain lines made of cast iron (older homes) PVC and CPVC drain piping. Bathtub and shower repair and installation, water pressure issues, faucet repair and replacement, showerhead repair and replacement, leaky pipes and fixtures, clogged drains, shower and tub retrofitting, water pipe relocation, low-flow showerheads and faucets, walk-in bathtub connections, and even high-tech options for showers and bathtubs.

Plumber for Frozen Pipe Repair

Frozen sewage in drainline pipes can happen because cold weather and pipes are not always the best of friends. Cold weather can lead to frozen pipes and ultimately lead to some pretty extensive sewage and water damage. Just like ice cubes in a freezer, water expands when it freezes. The expansion in pipes puts a huge amount of pressure on pipes leading to pipes bursting. When pipes burst from being frozen, it sends many gallons of waste water into a home or business.  Since the pipes are still frozen in the mornings, the evidence of a busted pipe or frozen pipe is not realized until temperatures reach a thawing level. This temperature increase usually happens while you are at work. Filing an insurance claim is order for these emergency pipe repair and home flooding situation.


Drainage pipes most likely to freeze in the frigid temperatures are ones located on outside walls, under sinks, in attics, or unheated crawlspaces. There are a few reasons a pipe might freeze; a sudden drop in temperature, not having the heat set high enough, or not having the right amount of insulation. We also found that ice cold winds in excess of 18mph at temperatures below 18 degrees and higher relative humidity creates the perfect storm to freeze and bust pipes. As State Farm says on their website, “Both plastic and copper pipes can burst when they freeze, and recovering from frozen pipes is not as simple as calling a plumber. A 1/8-inch crack in a pipe can spew up to 250 gallons of water a day, causing flooding, serious structural damage, and the immediate potential for mold.” http://learningcenter.statefarm.com/residence/maintenance/preventing-frozen-pipes/index.html

Water Heater Installation Manufacturer Complete Brand List

Water Heater Brands, Apollo Water Heaters, Takagi Water Heaters, Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters, Richmond Water Heaters, State Industries Water Heaters, Whirlpool Water Heaters, Reliance Water Heaters, Noritz Water Heaters (Tankless), Polaris Water Heaters, American Water Heaters, Bosch Water Heaters (Tankless), Lochinvar Water Heaters, Paloma Water Heaters (Tankless), Kenmore Water Heaters, General Electric (GE) Water Heaters, Bradford White Water Heaters, AO Smith Water Heaters, Ruud Water Heaters

Plumber: Tankless Water Heaters - General Information

You might have seen recent advertisements for tankless water heaters.  What are they, and are they a good deal?  Will you really save both money and energy through the use of a tankless water heater?  While these are good questions, unfortunately there are no simple answers.


How They Operate


Tankless water heaters, also known as demand heaters, have been used in the United States for over 25 years.  Unlike conventional water heaters, tankless water heaters work by heating the water as it is needed.  This can be accomplished through either an electric or a gas unit, which has a heating device to deliver a continuous supply of hot water as needed.  By eliminating the standby heat loss associated with conventional water heaters (the cost of keeping hot water always available for use), proponents tout tankless water heaters as being more energy-efficient.  


Types and Sizing


A tankless water heater can be purchased as either a point-of-use unit or a whole-house unit. The point-of-use unit is less expensive, since it is dedicated to a specific use in a smaller area, such as servicing one sink or faucet. A whole-house unit has a higher flow rate, which enables it to handle a larger hot-water demand.  The purchase price of a whole-house unit runs from several hundred dollars for an electric model to several thousand dollars for a gas model.  


Units must be properly sized in order to deliver the amount of hot water needed in a home.  The flow rate of the unit will determine how much water it can deliver at a particular temperature.  The flow rate in your home is a calculation based upon how many fixtures (such as faucets and appliances) are demanding hot water.  As more hot-water faucets are turned on at the same time, more water flows through the heater.  When this happens, water may leave the heater before it gets to the desired temperature.  Therefore, the size of a unit or the number of units a home needs should be based on the water-flow rate at peak demand.


It is also important to ensure that fixtures are in compliance with local, state and federal flow-rate requirements or guidelines.  For example, the Federal Energy Policy Act of 1992 required all faucets and shower fixtures made in the United State after 1992 to have a flow rate of no more than 2.2 gallons per minute (GPM).  The effectiveness of a tankless water heater system could be compromised if faucets or shower fixtures are operating at a flow rate other than what was assumed.


Other factors that will affect the size of the unit or the number of units needed include the temperature of the incoming water and the desired temperature of the hot water.  The incoming water temperature is obviously lower in a cold climate, such as Michigan, than the temperature of water entering homes located in a warm climate like Georgia.  


Factors to Consider Before Buying


Benefits of a tankless water heater: Estimated to use 10 to 20 percent less energy than conventional tank-type water heaters. Occupies less floor space than a conventional water heater. The equipment is durable and, since it does not store water, is subject to less corrosion than a conventional water heater, thereby lasting longer. A continuous supply of hot water. Drawbacks of a tankless water heater: The purchase price is greater than a tank-type water heater.  Installation in an existing home may involve additional costs.  Extra venting hoods for gas models, replacement of existing gas lines with larger ones, additional electrical circuit-breakers, or the need to purchase a second tankless water heater to accommodate simultaneous use of hot water at multiple sites are potential expenses that might not be evident until after installation begins. Some consumers have experienced difficulty in locating a plumber or technician who is knowledgeable about the maintenance and repair of tankless water units. Consequently, a service call could cost you more, due to the limited supply of trained technicians. Electric tankless units appear to be less powerful than the gas units and require an ample supply of electricity.  Installing an electric tankless water heater may cause an increase in your monthly electric usage.  Also, the heavy demand of electricity may cause an overload on household electric panels. Some research has suggested that a heavily-insulated conventional water heater may be as energy-efficient as some tankless water units. One of the advantages of having a tankless water unit is the continuous supply of hot water.  However, this feature may affect your water usage.  If you never ran out of hot water, would you take a longer shower, thereby increasing the amount of hot water you use in a month? Based on industry averages, water heating accounts for 20 to 25 percent of a household’s annual energy expenditure.  Yearly operating costs for conventional water heaters average from $200 for gas to $800 for electric.  Standby losses associated with a conventional water heater appliance represent approximately 15 percent of these yearly expenditures.  You can use these estimates to compare potential energy savings with the use of a tankless water unit versus a conventional water heater.




As with any other major purchase, doing the necessary research in advance helps you make an educated, well-informed decision and avoid any "buyer’s remorse" once the sale is consummated.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Factors unique to each consumer household, such as the water consumption level, the availability of a gas or electric connection, and water temperature preferences, will affect whether or not a tankless water heater is the right choice for you and whether it would be more cost-effective than a conventional water heater.

Plumber Reference List

ADA Compliant Installation, Air Conditioning & Heating Service, Appliance Installation & Service, Burst Pipes, Cesspool Cleaning, Cleanouts Installed, Code Violation Repair, Commercial & Industrial, Drain Cleaning, Drainage Problems, Electrical Work, Flood Clean Up, Foundation Leak Repair, Galvanized Repipe, Gas Line Service, Installation & Digging, Kitec Repipe, Leak Protection, Locating & Inspecting, Maintenance & Repair - General, Mobile Home Plumbing Services, Plumbing - General, Polybutylene Replacement, Remodeling & Replacing, Repipe, Thawing Pipes, Tree Root Removal, Unclogging, Water Damage Prevention, Water Damage Repair & Restoration, Water Pressure Adjustment, Pumps, Septic Tanks & Systems, Sewer Lines & Systems, Solar Water Heater, Swimming Pools, Tankless Water Heaters, Water Damage Protection, Water Lines, Water Shut-Off Systems, Water Softeners, Back Flow Preventers, Bathroom Fixtures, Boilers & Water Heaters, Catch Basins, Drains & Pipes, Fire Sprinkler System, Flood Control & Prevention System, Flood Sensors, Kitchen Fixtures, Outdoor Sprinkler System



PLUMBER VALVES LIST: Actuators, Air Release/Vacuum Valves, Backflow Preventers & Accessories, Backwater Valves, Ball Valves & Accessories, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Fill Valves, Garden Valves, Gas Regulator Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Hose Bibbs, Knife Gate Valves & Accessories, Log-Lighter Valves, Needle Valves, Plug Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Relief Valves, Shut Off Valves, Sillcocks, Stop & Waste Valves, Supply Stop Valves, Thermostat Control Valves, Valve Accessories, Valve Strainers

PIPE FITTINGS LIST: Brass Fittings & Flanges, Bronze Fittings & Flanges, Carbon Steel Fittings & Flanges, Cast Iron Fittings & Flanges, Copper Fittings & Flanges, Ductile Iron Fittings & Flanges, Flexible Pipe, Fittings, Malleable Fittings & Flanges, Pipe Fitting Parts & Accessories, Plastic Fittings & Flanges, Pressure Rated Cast Iron Fittings & Flanges, Stainless Steel Fittings & Flanges

Plumber Emergency Repair Help (24 Hours)

Plumbing repair emergencies usually mean that a waterline has ruptured spewing water on floors, walls, ceilings. Another type of plumbing repair emergency means that a sewer or sewage pipe has broken causing extensive need to fix or mend that broken drain pipe or commode. Many homeowners and occupants must deal with this repair situation instantly and cannot wait. This is where we come in.  Our TOP 8 BEST services include the following: water cleanup company, water clean up companies, flood cleanup company, flood cleanup companies, sewage cleanup company near me, water cleanup company near me, and flood cleanup company near me.

Plumber for Water Heater Replacement Service

Water heater replacement is offered is for gas or electric water heaters. Many replace water heaters as an act of maintenance. Most replace water heaters due to a problem such as the lack of hot water, leaking, or making noise.  In either case, water heaters are our business. How much does it cost to replace and install a water heater? There are a few steps to consider. Draining the water heater, disconnecting the water heater, delivering the new one, installing it, and filling and testing. If water heater is gas, then reconnecting the gas line will be in order.  Water heater installation should only be performed by certified plumbers.

 Plumber, Pipe Repair, Sewer & Drain Cleaning Company

24 Hour Plumber

A plumber who considers the full list of rooms must also consider the full list of plumber situations in each area. Here is another full list (sorted by area) of emergency plumber repairs completely compiled by our master plumber:

A plumber is certainly needed in the kitchen, but not as much as mom.  Above the counter is a water dispenser. A plumber must not overlook this potential plumbing leaker. Plumbers install and repair or secure the valves that open the flow of water and close off the flow of water. A plumber is to check these main three altogether: faucet, hot water side valve, and cold water side valve.  A plumber should check the caulking seal around the sink for good measure.


What's above the sink is connected to what's below the sink. A plumber should check the drain to make sure it is properly seated so that no leaks develop. A plumber should check the garbage disposal connected to the drain. After the garbage disposal motor grinds the organic matter into tiny bits, its drain line connects with the sink's main drain line and away it goes.


Our master plumber cited that In recent years an addition of convenience had been added. Ofentimes, our master plumber would discover (and install) a small hot water heater beneath the kitchen counter.  This device is strategically placed to deliver instant hot water to the faucet above, while other systems deliver instant hot water by strategically recirculating water already heated. In either plumbing setup, these systems should be checked only by a state certified plumber.


Our master plumber spoke about refrigerators as part of the plumbing system and should be checked out by a plumber. Plumbers use two general water supply line routes. The first is directly connected to your plumbing coming from inside the walls. Plumbers usually install the shut off valve directly behind the refrigeratior. The other is a bypass plumbing system that connects from the sink area, along the base or baseboard, and finally to the back of refrigerator.  


Plumber must check your other sink. This sink us usually placed in the island area for the  convenience of constant sanitation of hand, utensils and other small items. This sink is usually much smaller the main sink. If you have a basement, plumbing would be routed through the ceiling of it.


Pipes in walls are pretty much left alone until there is a problem such as wet drywall, puddles of water on the floor, a musty smell near that area, or a full scale rupture called a busted pipe. All of these situations need a plumber and his plumbing company to fix that pipe in the wall.

Laundry is the washing of clothing and linens. Laundry processes are often done in a business, room or area in a home or apartment building, reserved for that purpose; this is referred to as a laundry room. The material that is being washed, or has been laundered is also generally referred to as laundry. A laundry room is where clothes and linens that need to be washed or that have been newly washed takes place. It is also mentioned as a room in a house, hotel, or institution where clothes and linens can be washed and ironed. Washing clothes implies the use of liquid.  That liquid is... water!! Water enters the laundry room through pipes in the wall and hoses connected to those pipes, connected to a washing machine.  It is a common thing when new machines get installed, the hoses were not properly threaded. This can cause a leak or a house flood. Plumbers are not needed to reconnect hoses.

A plumber for your unility room has to have extensive mechanical knowledge of just how your plumbing is connected. The utility room can be the central water distribution center. The utility room may also house additonal mechanicals for your home or business. Electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning all may be here.  A state certified plumber would know exactly what to do. This area is not for the common handyman.

Plumber Here, Plumber There,

Plumber Everywhere!

A plumber for the vanity, although relatively less involved, is still necessary to fix the problem. Our plumber scheduled for your situation will know how to fasten, attach, glue, join, stick, secure, repair, mend, patch up, put right your non-functional plumbing. A vanity may also have a toilet or commode in the area.  A toilet repair plumber will detect if a new wax ring is necesary. A toilet repair plumber will know if all you need is just a float adjustment is nessary. For the toilet, a handyman plumber is an acceptable option.  Powder room is used euphemistically to refer to women's toilet in a public building.  A plumber or handyman plumber is ok for that.

Master bath for master plumber. Listed components: toilet, shower, bathtub, shower head, shower knobs or shower controls, shower drain, sink(s), water pressure, vanity, and under vanity drains. Many master bathrooms are upstairs and have a more delicate balance of power (water) than the lower regions. If a plumber ever makes a mistake on installation upstairs, you get water damage on at least two floors. If a plumber makes a mistake on repair, fixes or mends, water damage is the result. All the same is true for a shared half bath on upper floors.  There is just too much liablility for a handyman to take on.  Just hire a plumber, our plumber.

Crawlspace plumbers are a special breed. Before they can give you a cost for plumbing repair, they have to crawl in your crawlspace. After you agree to use his plumber skills, he re-enters the crawlspace. If he needs to make a call, he goes out and back in to your crawlspace.  Keep in mind that all plumbing is overhead (above the plumber). This means low-clearance crawlspaces has the plumber looking up while on his back. A crawlspace plumber not only does battle with your fecal matter and other excrement (may have sat in crawlspace for weeks), but this plumber does battle with spiders, snakes, ant, aardvarks (just kidding), raccoons, opossums, and other unnamed critters. The crawlspace plumber. A special breed.

The best plumber keyword list in most Google searchers usually includes plumbing related keywords such as plumber Atlanta, I need a plumber, plumbing services, plumber needed, plumbing company, plumber near me, plumber in my area, plumber closeby, and plumber nearby. Surprisingly, our webmaster found a plumber list of keywords most of us do not use. Here is his complete list of the strange and unusual keywords many use while searching for a plummer (misspelled): plummer, plummers in my area, plummer near me. Other unusual plumber keywords included in this list: plumber crack help, plumber crack jokes, plumber help wanted, plumb need you now, help I need a plumber, and (last but not least) help I need a plumber now.

Plumber keyword list: the strange; the unusual

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The best plumber keyword list in most Google searchers usually includes plumbing related keywords such as "plumber", I need a plumber, plumbing services, plumbing company, plumber near me, and plumber nearby. Surprisingly, our webmaster found a plumber list of keywords most of us do not use. Here is his complete list of the strange and unusual keywords many use while searching for a plummer (misspelled): plummer, plumer, plummers in my area, plummer near me. Other unusual plumber keywords included in this list: plumber crack help, plumber crack jokes, plumber help wanted, do plumbers fix sewer pipes, plumb need you now, help I need a plumber. and (last but not least) help I need a plumber now.

Metro Atlanta Georgia Plumber keyword list: the strange; the unusual